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Data Recovery from Restoret Backup

Restoret file and folder recovery option is one of the easy and fast way to recover data from the available snapshots. PC users can restore data instantly by browsing through snapshots. In the event of any data loss either accidentally or in the process of rolling back to an earlier date, you can browse through the current snapshot taken in the process of rollback (In case you have checked the checkbox indicating “Take a snapshot of a current system before rollback in case if I want to come back” during the process of rollback).

Checkbox to take current snapshot during rollback

(The arrow in this image highlight the section which needs to be checked during rollback process)

You may follow the related article How to restore data from backup to understand the necessary steps required in the process of recovering files and folders from available snapshots. Although this article elaborates on how to restore data after system rollback but the process to recover files in accidental circumstances are same. So in situations when you find any of your data missing in the current system, you can simply browse through earlier snapshots containing that data and restore it following the same process as explained in How to restore data from backup. This process makes the task easier and faster in comparison to other restore software where you would rather need to restore computer to an available backup to restore data from it.

This makes Restoret standout among its category as Restoret is much more fast and flexible in terms time taken in data recovery from available backups.

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