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How to restore computer and its data up to a minute of its crash?

Safety is becoming a cause of concern for the computer users across the globe. Computer in itself is a complex machine and for an average user it is really difficult to come to the terms of its multi faceted features and technically adept in dealing with its hardware and software technicalities ingrained into modern day computers. Such complexity some time leads them into no man’s land situation. Its always necessary to have an expert advice before committing anything. But all this process takes time and money. In this article I would explain on how to restore computer and its data up to a minute of a computer crash without any help from an expert.

There are situation when computer crashes down and people find no option other than to format their disk and re install the Windows OS again. This involves the risk of losing all the data and application stored in the computer except in a situation where people might have a backup in an external source. But think about a software which can create a backup of your Windows OS with the help of its snapshot technology and help you to restore computer back to normal even in the event of a computer crash. Further just imagine if this can be done in the matter of seconds. Yes, this is possible with the help of Restoret software and moreover you have the option to recover every data, file, folder and application that was there in your computer when it crashed. Let me show you a graphical demonstration on how to go about restoring your computer in the event of a system crash.

Firstly to protect your computer from a system crash you need to have Restoret installed in your Windows OS. During the installation Restoret would automatically create a system image called Baseline snapshot.

“Baseline snapshot is the primary image of your system however there is also an option to update the baseline image.”

In the above image you can see the Baseline Image taken on the date of Installation.

How to Restore computer from crash

Assuming that after few hour of works the system got corrupted and computer crashed down. Once we try to power on the computer Windows will not boot up. However Restoret subsystem console would come up as Restoret is installed inside and outside of Windows operating system. You need to press the HOME button to enter the subsystem console.



Once the Subsystem console opens up, it will give you different option. Select “Rollback System” and press Enter. A new window will open up with all the list of snapshots taken previously.



You can Select any snapshot to rollback your system to a given date and time and then Click “Next”. Your computer will restore back to normal.

How to Restore data after system Rollback

Now its time to recover the missing files which were there before but not in the current system since you rollback to an earlier date. In order to recover the files and folder which are not present in the system at the moment, you need to open the Restoret control panel and on the right hand sidebar click on “Snapshot History”. From the list of snapshot you need to choose the latest snapshot which was created automatically when computer crashed down. Right Click on the snapshot and select on “Explore snapshot”.


After the searching is complete, you will find two options, click on “Open Virtual Drive”. This will open up a new window.



The Virtual Drive contains all the file, folder, data and applications which were there when computer crashed down. You may explore through this virtual drive to find out the missing file from the current system and then right click on the file or folder to choose the option “Restore from Snapshot”.



In this way you are able to restore the entire computer back to normal and recover all files and folders. Hope this explanation will help keep your anxiety away from you as there is a good backup utility in the form of “Restoret”.


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