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How to Restore Computer with the help of Restoret?

If we go on to Google and search for the topic “Restore Computer”, we would find thousands and thousands of query posted in forums, blogs, PC manufacturer FAQ and Knowledge base section and many other places looking for the answer. Even I am no different here, posting a blog once again which really can make the task easy for the computer users on how to Restore Computer. I could recall an incident in a Forum where a computer user was very much disturbed and confused on how to restore his system to factory setting. Although he was receiving help from the forum member and their administrator for the step by step procedure to restore system, but still he was unable to follow those and ultimately was furious on the manufacturer rather on the mess he did it on his own and for his lack of knowledge. This is where I thought to write up an article to acquaint people the simple and easiest way of Restoring Computer with the help of Restoret.

Generally when someone buys a desktop or a laptop, it is advised to create a backup upfront so that, in case of unpleasant scenario, user may restore the computer to its factory setting through the backup which was created. Although this process require no extra skill. However in case if any of the steps in handled incorrectly or wrongly implemented, then it becomes a nightmare for the computer users. Moreover there is also a limitation of losing valuable file, folder and data. In order to preserve those data, computer users would need to go through the process of transferring the data to an external drive and later import those data once restoring to factory setting is done. Following all these steps takes much of valuable time and obviously there is always an element of risk involved. This is where Restoret comes to the term of general users as well as advanced which can help save time and eliminates the risk factor.

What is Restoret? Restoret is a dynamic PC software. Restoret snapshot technology helps in creating system image within few seconds. This system image contains the whole of operating system along with all files, folder, application and data. Restoret snapshot does not occupy much disk space. Restoret users can create unlimited snapshot either it be manually or by creating a schedule. In case if problem arises, users can simply rollback to a preferable snapshot within few minutes. Moreover users can even recover the files which were present when the rollback took place. This task is very simple and effort less. Let’s shows this step by step example by virtue of a graphical demonstration.

Step 1: First go to icons in left side of the task bar and right click on the Restoret icon and Open Restoret program console.


Step 2: In the main program console, under the Common Tasks, click on “Rollback system”, the right-hand panel will display all the available snapshots. The current snapshot you are in is indicated by a big green arrow. Select the snapshot you want to rollback system to. You can choose to take a snapshot of the current system before rollback by checking the “Take a snapshot of the current PC before rollback in case I want to come back” checkbox. Click on “Next” to continue.



Steps 3: Rollback system to a snapshot will restore everything on the protected drive to the time when snapshot was taken. To keep the latest data created after the snapshot, you might select file and folder to transfer to the restoring snapshot, so your data will remain current even after rollback.

[gn_quote style=”1″]“This method may prolong the process the process of rollback. There is an alternate way too, where you can retrieve the files and folders even after rollback to previous snapshot given you have checked the option to “take snapshot of the current system before rollback”.[/gn_quote]


Step 4: After selecting the file and folder to be excluded from rollback. Click on next. This would prompt you to restart the computer to rollback system.



That’s it just restart your computer and you have restored the computer to desired date and time without losing any important file and folders. This process takes no more than 2 minutes. This way its never required to go through the process of bifurcating the restoring task into long and time taking process. Similarly people can install Restoret on a new PC and Restoret would itself create a baseline snapshot which can be referred to as an image to factory setting. Hope this would help people better understand about Restoret and the most talking point “How to restore my computer”


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