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How to restore your computer to an earlier date using Restoret

Published on March 8, 2013 by in Restore computer

If the very thought of how to restore your computer to an early date, thereby surviving the hazards of an imminent crash is taking your night’s sleep away, take a deep breath and relax because help is near at hand.  No, I am not talking about Windows System Restore or Symantec’s ‘Disk cloning software’ either. To begin with, Windows require a hefty 200 MB disk space to be freely available as otherwise their System Restore will not function, a prerequisite which often becomes difficult to provide.  Moreover, you have to store your data separately before attempting to take this recourse, as otherwise these will be lost forever.   In other words, this is neither an easy nor a practical method of rolling back your computer to an earlier date. As for Disk Cloning, that is a different cup of tea altogether.

How does Restoret Works?

BIP Limited have recently come up with a groundbreaking innovation that lets you restore your computer to an early date with a simple click of your mouse! Besides, it does away with saving data separately too. Known as RESTORET, this amazing computer restore software program helps users to undo PC problems instantly and well. Additionally, its ‘Drive Image’ technology offers umbrella protection against hardware failure also. Nevertheless, here are a few fascinating features of RESTORET that proves decidedly useful for restoring your computer to an early date when the system was faultless and fine.

  • Instant Recovery from PC Crash is a realty with RESORET since it consistently creates backup in the form of snapshots that are later used (when a crash occurs) to restore the computer back to its original state. As it does not involve any other operation, the effect can be instantaneous.
  • System and Data Security for computer users are fully assured by RESTORET in the event of PC stolen or lost through the use of password. This feature is enabled during installation by using custom setup option or by opting for ‘Access Control’ in its program console.
  • Instantaneous Data Recovery of files and folders from available snapshots is yet another RESTORET prime feature that helps computer users to roll back the computer to a healthier and wealthier previous date. In fact, users can restore data within a few seconds by browsing through the snapshots.
  • Quick Computer Recovery with the help of RESTORET is a certainty, too because of the simple fact that the software is capable of creating a baseline snapshot as soon as it is installed in a computer which eventually becomes the primary ‘Restore Point’. Thereafter the user can create innumerable snapshots manually or by allowing the software to do the job. With so many snapshots available, Computer Recovery can be a child’s play.
  • Setup is easy and fast for RESTORET,  though one has to follow the steps provided within the schedule.

Bottom-line: From the foregoing paragraphs it may be abundantly clear as to why computer users all over the world are crazy about RESTORET which lets you restore your computer to an early date in a seamless hassle-free way. It is easy to install, easy to use and far more effective as compared to Windows System Restore or Semantics’ Ghost (Norton Ghost). While occupying minimum disk space it provides a world of facilities for instantaneous System Restore for all users. You may follow the article (InfoGraphic) How to Restore Computer to learn steps involved in the process of system restore. Try it out today to save yourself from the hazards of a computer crash which may spell disaster for you and your business venture any day.

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