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Home Backup Software Must read before Installing Restoret

Must read before Installing Restoret

Installing Restoret is quite easy and fast process but before installing there are certain requirements and recommendation for smooth functioning of the software. There have been some weird situations where certain customers had problems installing Restoret. They ended up in a situation where computer was not booting up or installation was incomplete. All these problems occur when PC is not compatible to install Restoret or the users does not follow the proper steps for setup. Here I would like to share few facts about certain requirement before you proceed with installation process.


Restoret current version 9.1 is compatible with Microsoft Windows operating system which includes

• Windows 2000 (32/64 Bit)
• Windows XP (32/64 Bit)
• Windows Vista (32/64 Bit)
• Windows 7 both (32/64 Bit)

System Requirements

• Pentium 3 or higher processor
• 512 MB RAM
• 10 GB of free Hard disk space (Not required but recommended)
• CD Rom or DVD Rom if setting up with CD

During the Restoret setup, it is recommended to disable any Antivirus or Firewall program running. Restoret need to make certain changes in the computer’s MBR (Master Boot Record) during setup, but in certain occasions Antivirus or firewall programs mistake it for a boot sector virus which results in incomplete setup.

In some instances it is not required to disable Antivirus. There are certain Antivirus programs which prompt users with YES or NO options on whether to go ahead and modify the MBR. In such cases you need to select YES to continue with the setup.

Rest is very straight forward. You would just need to follow the instructions. You can choose from the number of setup options which has differences on how you want Restoret’s program settings to be configured. Hope this article would help you install Restoret in a smooth manner.

Note: Restoret is designed for Windows PCs. Do not install it on SERVERS! Always backup your important data before setting up Restoret.


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