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PC Time Machine for Windows Operating System

iMAC’s PC Time Machine

Many would have heard about PC time machine. This is one of the best features in Apple’s MAC OS which comes inbuilt with the system. This serves as a safety mantle that makes PC’s life risk free for computer users. With this utility, computer users can restore their computer from the backups saved in the recovery volume of the disk. Apple’s Time machine creates the primary backup of the PC which contains the exact copy of the drive apart from recovery volume. Thereafter it creates the incremental backup on regular interval which can be used to restore computer at a later date. But there is nothing as such in case of Windows PC. Many misunderstand Windows systems restore as one of the backup utility. Although Windows system restore does creates the backup but only for the Windows components. Files folders and other data and never covered in the backup file.

Is there any time machine for Windows PC?

Yes, Restoret comes as a solution for Windows PC users. Restoret creates the complete backup and restores the system within a matter of seconds. It’s a great alternate to Windows system restore and has far more better backup features. Restoret snapshot (Backup image) includes files, folders, application and every Windows component. Each snapshot takes less than 1% of the disk space. PC users can create up to 60,000 system snapshots to rely on in case of uneventful situation and moreover can recover computer in case it crashes down. Restoret has added feature known as Disk cloning program similar to Norton Ghost, which can be used to create disk image to an external source which later can be used in case of any hardware failure.

Restoret compared to Apple’s Time Machine

Although Restoret and Apple’s time machine has similar features. Both can recover computer to the exact state where it was when the backup was made. Still as per user experience, Restoret is far more flexible in terms of speed and space utilized in the process of backup and restore. Apple’s Time machine consumes disk space according to the disk volume to be copied. This can really create problems in managing the disk volume been used and disk volume required to create its backup. In certain occasions, there’s a trade-off between space and the time frame the time machine can keep its backups. In such instances, PC users has to compromise with the backup been made. In case of Restoret, it consumes less than 1% of the disk space irrespective of the disk size to be copied. Further there is also the time factor in restoring the system to the backup date. As oppose to Apple’s time machine, Restoret can restore computer within a matter of seconds.

There’s a lot with Restoret and with the flexibility it has on offer for PC users. Now Windows users can rely on Restoret for all of their computer backup needs. Currently Restoret is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Finally there’s a time machine for Windows PC in the form of Restoret.


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