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Restoret helps in Instant Recovery of Computer

Restoret is a PC utility which helps users to rollback computer to an earlier date within a matter of seconds. Restoret is a pro-activate software solution, once installed it creates a baseline snapshot which can be referred as primary “Restore point”. Subsequently you can create unlimited snapshots either manually or by scheduling from the setting options. In the event of any disaster, you can rollback computer to earlier date from the list of backups in the form of snapshots.  Let’s explain this by virtue of an example.

How to recover computer Instantly

Illustration – Let’s assume that Restoret is installed on a Windows vista machine with Microsoft office pre-installed. Later Abode Photoshop is installed and you started working on a project and saved it. Assuming that you have created a schedule to automatically take a snapshot on every PC restart, so early next day when you restart your computer, you will have a current system snapshot.

After certain period you find that there is problem with computer’s performance and somehow unwanted virus got into your computer and started corrupting the saved data. As a result you lose the data you have worked on the last day. In such case, you can simply rollback computer to the current snapshot which was taken early morning by selecting that snapshot and choosing the option to rollback. And to the miracle, the system would rollback within a matter of seconds, nullifying all the negative effects, to the state where it was in good working condition and you had all your data intact working perfect and fine.

This way you can simply choose to be safe and protected if you have Restoret Installed on your computer. Restoret is the reliable backup and restore solution which can make PC user’s experience safe and smooth.

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