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Setup Restoret Fast and Easy

This article will guide you through the process of setting up Restoret on your Windows PC. Follow the steps below for easy and fast installation. But before going through the setup process, please check the compatibility and system requirements. You may find details pertaining to this on related article “Read must before installing Restoret”.

Step 1: Open the Restoret Setup folder and click on setup file.


Restoret Setup file


Step 2: Follow the steps and click on Next to continue with the setup wizard as shown in image.

Restoret setup wizard


Step 3: As shown in image below, you have the option to install Restoret with three different setup options i.e, Default, Custom and Advanced.

Restoret setup options

[gn_tabs] [gn_tab title=”Default Setup”]

Default Setup installs Restoret with some default program settings such as:

a. Copy program files to C:\program files\shield folder

b. Protect all available partitions on the 1st hard drive

c. Disable Restoret access control (Do not require a password to access Restoret program consoles)

d. Disable Windows System Restore

[/gn_tab] [gn_tab title=”Custom Setup”]

Custom Setup lets you to configure program settings during setup such as:

a. Where to copy program files to

b. What partitions to protect

c. Enable/Disable Restoret access control

d. Enable/Disable Windows System Restore

e. Setup Restoret on multi-boot systems

[/gn_tab] [gn_tab title=”Advanced Setup”] Advanced Setup is used to deploy Restoret to a network of computers with pre-configured program settings. Advanced Setup reads-in the program settings from a setup
configuration file, setup.cfg. You can create a setup.cfg configuration file using Advanced Setup Configuration Wizard (ASCW) provided in the support folder on the
program CD.  With ASCW you can configure all Restoret program settings.  [/gn_tab] [/gn_tabs]

Once you choose the preferred setup option, you would require the PRODUCT ID to activate the license or may just click on DEMO button to get a product ID which would be valid for 15 days. Rest you need to follow the instructions to complete the setup.

After initial setup, computer will reboot to complete the installation. Note Restoret is installed inside and outside of the operating system, So during reboot process Restoret will be installed in the hard disk. After completion of setup, Restoret will create a baseline snapshot which can be referred as “Restore Point”.

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