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System and Data security

Restoret provides computer users system and data security in the event of PC stolen or lost. This feature in Restoret enable computer users to setup a password which protect computer from Windows boot up. This feature can be enabled during Restoret installation using Custom setup option or by using the option “Access Control” in the Restoret program console.

Restoret access control(This image shows the option “Access Control” to password protect Restoret subsystem console)

Restoret is installed inside and outside of the Windows operating system. As such Restoret is also installed on one of the sectors of the hard disk. Upon computer start, Restoret subsystem console comes up before Windows. Restoret subsystem console provide computer users with different options like taking system snapshot and system rollback option. If Restoret subsystem console is password protected, system would require password input before Windows can boots up. This way Restoret protect Windows from data thieves in the event of computer lost or stolen. None of the computers data can be accessed without password input in the Restoret subsystem console. Although Windows itself can be password protected but Restoret’s access control gives an added layer of security to the system.

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