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Home Backup Software Best Backup Program – “Norton Ghost” or “Restoret”

Best Backup Program – “Norton Ghost” or “Restoret”

Norton Ghost does not need any introduction. But still I would like to tell some of my point of view on this product and would compare the feature with “Restoret software” to understand which one being more users friendly and time saver. As most of the PC user would know Norton Ghost is a disk cloning program which enable users to create system clone and store them to any external drive. It can be used to create full backup as well as incremental backup of the drive or partition(s). However Norton Ghost is marketed as backup program. Although there is vast difference between a backup program and a disk cloning software but sometimes the cloning software is used as such. Backup program allow users to retrieve individual files and folders without the need of restoring the entire system where as in case of disk cloning program users can browse the backup image in the Windows Explorer like program and extract the individual file and folders from them. Users can also create schedule backup with the help of Norton Ghost.


Although Norton Ghost is very helpful in creating backup of users PC but it has its limitation when compared to backup program like “Restoret”. Restoret has more dynamic features apart from the disk cloning solution. Restoret is a PC restore program which helps users to rollback PC to earlier time with few clicks of mouse. A comparison chart between Norton Ghost and Restoret would give us a better idea about merits and demerits of these products.


 Features  RESTORET  Norton Ghost
Disk Space required 0.07% total disk space 50% to 100% of system size
Time to restore Within Seconds Many minutes
Restore points Up to 60,000 Restore ponits Only one
Time to create a new restore point 3 Seconds Many Minutes
Restore PC and data up to the second YES NO
Auto Restore Option YES NO
3rdparty media required NO YES
Hidden partitions required NO NO
Dynamic space management YES NO
Configuration management ability YES NO
Deployment strategies YES NO
Detailed operational logging YES NO
Dynamic user access control YES NO
VMware support YES YES


Apart from the above features, Restoret is bestowed with Disk Imaging solution helping users to create offsite backup of their PC hard drive or partition(s) i.e. creating disk clone into third party media ( as in case of Norton Ghost ) in the form of ISO image. Restoret is well above Norton Ghost in terms of flexibility and time saving and above all it require very meager disk space. You can read more about Restoret and its features by following the related links below.

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3 Responses

  1. Jack Neilson

    Very informative. It really got some valid points as per limitation with norton ghost. I would definitely prefer Restoret over other backup program.

    • Samuel Parker

      I would like to understand if Restoret is compatible with Windows 8. If it is, then i would prefer Restoret for my PCs rather than Norton Ghost.

  2. Finally a person that puts some real work into a blog. I do like what you have done with the blog.