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Frequently Asked Questions

Windows did not boot up after installing Restoret?

Answer :

After installing Restoret,the program would prompt you to restart the computer in order to complete the installation. Once the computer restart Restoret subsystem console would appear. After Restoret is completely installed, Windows will boot. In case the windows doesn't boot, then it might be the case of incompatibility, which means Restoret has been installed in a system where there is compatibility issues either in terms of hard disk or memory. In such scenario implement the following steps.

- Restart the computer you would be able to see the Restoret subsystem console.

- Then you need to press the Home key.You will find the option to uninstall the program.Please choose the option and unistall it.

In case where Restoret subsystem console does not start implement the following steps.

- First you would need to restart the computer and boot with the Window disc.

- If you boot up with Windows 98 disc , then open the command prompt and write FDISK and in case of Windows XP type FIXMBR.

Window should start up.

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