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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Restoret restore my computer up to the minute of a system crash?

Answer :

It is possible to restore your data up to minute of a system crash.Let us explain this by virtue of a following example.

You have created a schedule snapshot to be taken upon every restart. Let say you started you computer early morning and that very moment a schedule snapshot was taken. Then you started on a project named project.xls and went on to complete in the evening. Suddenly your system crashes down and you would feel that you have lost your project since you didn't backup the data by creating a snapshot. This is where Restoret help you to save the data which was didn't had backup. In such event implement the following steps.

- You need to restart the crashed PC.Then press the HOME key to access the subsystem console of Restoret.

- Before restoring your PC by virtue of a snapshot taken early morning, choose "Take Snapshot" from the subsystem console. And take a snapshot of the crashed system and name it crashsnap.

- Then restore your PC. Once your PC is restored to normal, launch Restoret program console.

- Open the snapshot named crashsnap as virtual drives, search and find the project.xls file, copy the file to the current system.

- As the result, you got the system up and running with the latest project.xls file in a minute.

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