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Restoret Software Overview

"RESTORET" is a dynamic PC security software which helps user to Recover deleted files, Restore system from crash, Create an image of the system, Protect from data loss or data thieves, Prevent unauthorized access to the system, Allow user to make the clone image of the system, Allows user to restore the PC to its happy times. Essentially, once Restoret is installed, user can stop worrying about the PC security and concentrate more on their jobs rather than spending time and money to repair it. Restoret users can easily repair the PC on their own, regardless of their skill level. A quick glance at the features of this dynamic software can portray a better picture.


Worried Over PC Crash? Is it possible to Recover from it ?

Restoret comes as a solution to all PC users who can instantly recover from a PC crash. Restoret is programmed in such a way that it can help in restoring system to a state where PC was in full working condition. Users can recover from such disaster within a minute without any help from an expert. Restoret snapshot technology helps users to create an image of their PC which contains system, programs, settings and user data. Users can rollback their PC to a time where they believe their PC was in perfect state by selecting snapshot.


Data Backup problem? What is the best option?


Restoret snapshot technology helps users to create continuous backup snapshots which stores all the information of their PC. In circumstances when data accidentally get deleted or get corrupted, Users can simply rollback to a snapshot which has all the data saved. Unlike traditional backup option which requires regular attention to create the backup, Restoret helps users to create a schedule which would enable it to take snapshots in the background without any interference to their work. This kind of technology helps users save time and money creating different backup option to save their data.


Virus Found? Affecting PC?



Restoret is built in such a way that it can undo every PC problem instantly with few clicks of mouse. With Restoret installed browsing over internet become hassle free for all computer users which has the ability to reverse any problem in case of any virus or malware attack or any kind of accidental errors. It helps in reducing users anxiety over the safety of the computer while exploring and browsing different websites. Restoret in other terms works as a virtual PC to the users.



Looking for Drive Image Solution?



Drive Image is a file which contains the complete content and the structure of a hard disk drive along with all the partitions. With the help of Restoret, user can create an image of their hard disk drive in the form of ISO image and burn it onto a CD/DVD. This process act as a savior in the scenario of hard disk failure. Users can store the Drive image on an external drive and use it to recover to a new hard drive.




Essentially, Restoret is very easy to use and a reliable product. It's a complete solution to a PC security. It helps in saving time and money rather than spending hours in fixing up the PC by visiting local technician. Users can become a potential expert on their own by having Restoret as a security solution for their PC. Restoret offers much more flexibility to PC users and has numbers of  features which are listed below.




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