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Restoret vs Norton Ghost

Everybody in the world would always think of their products to be best in the world. And the true reflection of its strength is achieved once we put together range of products and compare them. When we talk about products like disk cloning and backup software, essentially there are three aspects which determines the best such as speed, strength, flexibility and cost. Alongside these aspects, the strongest point of the product also plays a major role. Now let's put together some valid differences between "Restoret - A backup restore solution" and Norton Ghost.



Restoret - Backing up and restore becomes very easy with the help of Restoret. It takes mere 5 seconds to create a backup in the form of snapshots which are stored in the hard disk. Since the system image is stored in the hard disk, it does not require any third party media to restore system. Restoret can restore computer from a given snapshot within a matter of seconds.

Norton Ghost - Backing up with Norton Ghost depend on the volume of disk space to be copied. Generally in case of first backup, it can take from 15 minutes to hours. Subsequently Norton Ghost will create incremental backups for files added after first backup. The process is quite time consuming with Ghost.



Restoret - Its system snapshot cover everything on the hard drive including files, folders, applications, programs and settings. The snapshot takes less than 1% of the disk space irrespective of the volume of the disk space to be copied. This allows PC users to create number of snapshots and store them without worrying about the disk space. It gives PC users the added advantage of having hundreds and thousands of system images to rely on in case of uneventful situation.

Norton Ghost - Its system snapshot cover everything on the hard drive including files, folders, applications, programs and settings. Norton Ghost uses from 30 to 50% of the disk space. This comes as a disadvantage in terms of number of backup images that can be stored. Moreover the system recovery procedure is very complex and time consuming as compared to Restoret. It requires the recovery disk to restore computer.



Restoret - It offers user friendly interface to manage system image and restore function. Both the tasks can be performed with few simple steps.

Norton Ghost - It offers user friendly interface to create system image but the recovery options requires implementation of multiple steps which can be troublesome even for an advanced user. Restoret offer single click restore solution within single interface in comparison to Norton Ghost which require third party media (Bootable CD).


By virtue of above descriptions, It is determined that Restoret scores over Norton Ghost in multiple aspects like speed, strength and flexibility. Although Restoret comes at a price greater than Norton Ghost, but it is always a worth to pay for what can be useful rather than what can be cheap. Choice is Yours.

Comparison chart between Restoret and Norton Ghost.

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